The Technology

and how it will change the world.  

Parallel Reality is enabled by a
revolutionary new pixel technology.

Parallel Reality Pixels can simultaneously project up to a million light rays of different colors and brightness.

diagram of traditional pixel displaying one color in all directions

Traditional Pixel

Outputs only a single
color at any moment.

diagram of light field pixel displaying multiple colors in multiple directions

Parallel Reality Pixel

Can simultaneously output a million
controllable rays of many different colors.

How is this Possible?

Layers of proprietary technology form
the foundation of Parallel Reality:

What are the Applications?

From replacing the signs you see around you, to creating entirely new experiences, the possibilities are endless…

Can you imagine situations where displays, signs, signals, and lights will be more effective by simultaneously showing different things to different people and places? Here are some ideas:

How will it change your reality?
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